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Take charge of your life again...

Are you struggling with:

- dwelling on what happened in the past?

- worries about the future?

- tensions with family members, friends or colleagues?

- knowing what you really would like to do?

- speaking your mind without hurting others?

- finding a way to look after yourself better and develop healthier habits?

Which leaves you: 



Lacking in confidence





As a Mindfulness Meditation teacher, I can help you regain that inner power to take full control over  your life...



- Gisela -

My Mindfulness Meditation 
sessions are as follows:

talking on phones


Initial contact consultation

Initial phone and/or email consultation:

We can discuss the different ways you can learn Mindfulness Meditations with me, and whether this is something
that will be best suited to your current needs.

Time: 15 m
Price: free


First session

First session (in-person or online):

This will be the first session of Mindfulness where we establish your needs and the basis to create a personalised and unique pack of activities for the future sessions. We can do this either in-person or online.

Time: 50 minutes
Price: TBC

Bright Room
Man Sitting


Pack of 5-week sessions

Pack of 5 sessions:

5 weeks of Mindfulness sessions, either in person or online.

Time: 50 minutes / session
Price: TBC


Pack of 8-week sessions

Pack of 8 sessions:

8 weeks of Mindfulness sessions, either in person or online.

Time: 50 minutes / session
Price: TBC

Newly-wed Couple
Children playing


Individual sessions

Individual follow-on sessions after finishing:

Because the practice of Mindfulness needs to continue throughout life, I offer follow-on sessions at suitable intervals to help maintain the practice of Mindfulness after finishing a course of sessions. These can be individual or group sessions, and can be either in-person or online.

Time: 50 minutes / session
Price: TBC


Corporate sessions

Special packs for companies:

These sessions will be planned to support staff in an organisation according to individual companies' needs. The cost will vary according to the number of participants and the duration, with a minimum time of 30 minutes and a minimum fee TBC.

Time: 30 minutes or longer
Price: TBC

Group Students Smilling


My Mindfulness sessions

can be held either in person (in Sheffield) or online.

Let's start!

1. Call me or send me a message.
2. Arrange a suitable starting date.
3. Order and pay for a block of sessions.
4.  Start the course.

  • you will be more insightful and develop your self-awareness.

  • you will practice self-compassion and compassion and kindness towards others.

  • you will manage difficult emotions such as anger, shame, fear, sadness, guilt and annoyance.

  • you will develop and enhance personality factors such as openness, conscientiousness and agreeableness.

  • you will cultivate and enhance curiosity, creativity and productivity.

  • you will develop mindful listening and speaking .

  • you will get closer to discovering and understanding your values and goals.


What will you develop:

Flowers and Hand
Flowers and Hand


"Because of my love of Mindfulness Meditations, of coaching, and of helping others who are willing to work on their personal development, my sessions are full of encouragement in a calm and relaxing atmosphere, where you can really learn and benefit from the exercises".

- Gisela -

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