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1. Is Mindfulness right for me?

The practice of Mindfulness is right for most of the people. It mainly depends on how receptive our minds are to the practice and how much we know it will be beneficial for us.

2. Are there any risks in practicing Mindfulness?

For most of the people, the practice of Mindfulness does not carry any risks or contraindications. There are mainly four kinds of risks we try to look at before the practice, such as, people suffering from epilepsy, people suffering from asthma, people living with deep traumas and people with limited physical capabilities.


3. Will I learn everything in the session packs?

The practice of Mindfulness should continue for the rest of our lives if we so decide. My pack of sessions will help you to develop that part of your life that is more in need at the moment, but there are always many more things to learn after the pack of sessions have finished.

4. Is a Mindfulness coach a therapist?

A Mindfulness coach is a facilitator, not a therapist. But the practice of Mindfulness is a therapy in itself.

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