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Gisela Romanach,
Qualified Mindfulness Teacher
UK College of Mindfulness Meditation 
Mindfulness Now Programme

During more than 30 years of working in public and private companies, as well as in international organisations in South America and Britain, in the field of business, training and advising companies how to improve productivity, I've always been fascinated and focussed on people, the staff and all the human resources that make a company succeed. I hold a degree in Marketing and Public Relations in my home country, Paraguay, and a Masters in Small Business Studies at the University of Leipzig, Germany. I used my knowledge of Marketing and Business Managment to support small, medium and large companies to improve their productivity and hence their social and economic prosperity. I quickly realized that companies and businesses in general can't improve as long as they have an unhappy and dissatisfied workforce. The same applies to our day-to-day life with our family, friends and the broader community.


This led me to research and learn more about ourselves, our relationship with our inner-self and with others. I learnt that in order to improve those relationships we need to improve our emotional intelligence, that is, the way we manage our emotions and feelings and our relationships with people. I also came to see that some other very important aspects to consider are our 'attachment style', our personality type, our past history since childhood through to adulthood,  our personality adaptations and any possible psychological traumas.


There are many approaches to improving our well-being and emotional intelligence, as well as to overcoming some major psychological issues. One of them is to work on ourselves to improve our self-awareness - being insightful and introspective. One tool that can help us to achieve this is the practice of meditation. And from this flows the concept of 'mindfulness'. When I began to practice mindfulness myself, and learnt and deepened my knowledge about it, I realised it can work wonders. There are many scientific studies that support its effectiveness in improving general well-being, reducing stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and more. And thus I decided to train to become a teacher of Mindfulness Meditations.


The way I like to approach my teaching is to ensure that the participant knows the importance of practicing and that they understand the purpose of practicing. I like to ensure a pleasant, calm, relaxing atmosphere during the sessions and offer support the best I can through my teaching. After all, the sessions should give my participant a place where they can learn more about themselves and discover how they begin to improve their lives for the better.

About Me: About Me
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Accredited Mindfulness Now Coach,
The UK College of Mindfulness Meditation.
Approved by the British Psychological Society.

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